We like to invest our time in sustainable innovation and transition.


We love to invest our time in sustainable projects and work together with passionate people with a clear sustainable business model. We are always interested in the stories of real people who are determined for succes. Feel free to contact us.

Value creation

We distinguish two forms of value creation: economic and social. Our assignments fall into both camps and we focus on the symbiosis and the long term. That is where most dynamics, chances and challenges are. Sustainability is a starting point, not a goal.

Business development

Through cross-fertilization between experience and disciplines, smart and creative solutions are created that contribute. We devise solutions for societal challenges, innovative concepts, other insights about processes and short chains. Together we initiate partnerships, pilots, projects, campaigns and new companies. Sharing is really multiplying.


We are entering a special time. Large parties have to change, but are stuck at a certain level of scale. Small parties want to grow, but lack capital and other resources. Connecting these parties means a leap in thinking differently about needs and goals, and rewarding people for sustainable behavior in recognizable ways: with ease, affordability (fair prices) and transparency.


Culture change for new revenue models

Innovative forms of collaboration and shared entrepreneurship are about value creation for the end user and total costs of ownership. Collaboration is an important ingredient in achieving new revenue models where productivity can be increased and more value added to the product at lower costs. This usually means that a cultural change has to take place, because old procedures and methods are no longer applicable.


In many change processes, the approach is that people start to act, think or feel differently. It is therefore important to be able to change, innovate and learn at an ever-increasing pace. Gamification is therefore a powerful tool to take organizations and change processes to a higher level.

Fair share

By shortening a chain, a fair share of the revenues (fair share) arises, consumers pay a fair price and you, as an organization, save costs that are superfluous.This creates more opportunities to invest in the expansion of your organization, in people and new activities that matter.We help entrepreneurs with the successful use of result-oriented applications focused on this result.


The realization of goals is the sum of aspects ranging from efficiency, (another) use of resources, simplification of processes and savings, up to and including the implementation of a completely individual business-social eco-system.We like to commit ourselves to sustainable value creation.

Fort bij 't Hemeltje

We keep office on a hotspot for innovation, transition and circular economy in the heart of the waterlinie just steps away from the Utrecht Science Park. Fort bij 't Hemeltje is a base for solutions and networks for major system challenges. This fort offers unique opportunities for the Utrecht region to manifest itself as a circular frontrunner.

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