Projects / Streekmolen


Streekmolen is a good widening of short-chain activities (like Local2Local), honestly sharing profits across farmers, transportation and sales. Fair share for everyone and contributing to diversity in our country for a fair and healthy 'From ground to mouth'.


  • Fresh and local fruits and vegetables
  • Choice between meat / fish or vegetarian
  • Handmade baked bread
  • Delicious local produce such as: cheese, juice, milk, eggs, yogurt, dressing, jam, honey
  • The crate is provided free of charge at your home


Streekmolen offers sustainable (where possible organic) and high quality fresh seasonal produce that comes out of the region as much as possible. In the selection of products, Streekmolen attaches great importance to respect for animal welfare, nature and the environment. Authenticity, craftsmanship and passion are at the heart of Streekmolen.

Amped realized the software, all advertisements, marketing and logistics. At this moment we are working on our new website and brand.