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Local2Local restores the relationship between the farmers, customers and consumers with their own transparent food chain. This helps to restore our ecosystem, stimulate the local economy and helps maintaining craftsmanship. You directly order from the farmer and thereby you get a smoother and tasty product.


Local2Local distinguishes itself with a tailor-made affordable range of fresh and locally produced (sustainable and organic) products that fully match the consumer's lifestyle.

  • Local2Local sells food directly to businesses and consumers;
  • Sale of recreational arrangements in the region;
  • Sale of the Local2Local model to other regions;
  • Alternative investment and financing forms


Our products are available all year round, featuring a socially-supported marketing strategy. Local2Local is the preferred party for customers because it is distinguished by social entrepreneurship, the bundling of best practices, connecting networks and a robust farmers network.

Amped developed the concept, brand identity, businessplans, realized and provided the Local2Local website / webshop and is working along with marketing and sales.

Looking for a Local2Local solution?

Please contact Mark Frederiks for more infomation.