Projects / Coffee Burundi


By selling our Coffee Burundi coffee we contribute to better living conditions, health and happiness in Burundi.


Coffee Burundi offers high-quality coffee and at the same time strives for a charity. Coffee Burundi comes directly from local coffee plantations in the heart of East Africa from small farmers who try to build their lives in a broken economy after a long civil war. Coffee Burundi is an initiative and food-company of Amped.


Since its establishment Coffee Burundi supported two schools in the northern province of Cibitoke in cooperation with the ZOA Foundation. We have provided a water collection system so that water can be collected during heavy rains for cooking rice and beans. If we provided two of these schools with water, the World Food Program delevired a three-year period of rice and beans! A great collaboration in Burundi, which allows parents to send their children to school earlier.

In October 2016 Coffee Burundi closed the collaboration with ZOA Foundation with the payment of revenue from coffee sales for the financing of ZOA projects in Burundi. As of January 2017, Coffee Burundi has entered into a long-term partnership with Stichting IZERE. IZERE is an organization of Burundesen living in the Netherlands. It is a non-profit foundation, which is neither political nor commercial. IZERE aims to inform the international community about the Burundi drama, and to mobilize its aid in many forms, by launching a genuine call for help and support (SOS) and more specifically by:

  • To inform about the development of the situation in Burundi, especially with regard to human rights;
  • Collecting and sending emergency aid, food aid, medicines and clothes to displaced persons and other refugees;
  • To help the most vulnerable groups like children, women and olds of days;
  • Contributing to school materials and helping non-school youth;
  • Helping in the peace process and reconstruction of the country by encrypting and mobilizing the local population to create income-generating activities (poverty alleviation), such as through the production centers.

Amped developed the concept, brand identity, corporate identity, design, packaging, content, logistics, marketing, the website and webshop.