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Do you have an idea where matching any kind of supply and demand is important? Then we have the perfect matchmaking application for you.

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Get started and match!

Users get started easily and you always have insight into what's happening in your new matchmaking platform. A beautiful solution that is visible on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, without delivering on readability of content or usability of the design.


Our Matchmaking solution has the necessary technical basic functions to start directly with your project. This enables us to realize your desired customized solutions even more cost-effectively. A flying start, because we have already laid the foundation.

Your team

You are part of a permanent team that realizes your project, resulting in quality and efficiency.


Every project is tailor-made to provide management solutions that help you and help you further.

Google optimized

Our CMS and templates ensure optimum communication with Google and optimize its SEO.

Easy management

With a few presses on the button you manage your website. Simple and easy!

Matches insights

Understand who matched each other and in what way, and help the presenter or searcher.

Determine the rules

Manage your target groups, regions, themes, organizational forms, municipalities and countries.

The moment of:


We were looking for progress and a new digital partner. We soon talked to Amped. They immediately made concrete prototypes and even realized savings for us. In the meantime, we have continued for a number of years and our cooperation has been intensified. When you are looking for an application that will work for your business and you want to make the difference, please contact these smart men. Success assured!

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