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We have developed software for managing your own food chain, FDS. From production, logistics and distribution to online sales, customer management, hub management and marketing.

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A powerful solution

The power of our food software lies in the integrated management of the entire chain. At all times you will master your process, verified and validated. Our websoftware is available for and deployable in any food-based company.


Our Food software solution has the necessary technical basic functions to start directly with your project. This enables us to realize your desired customized solutions even more cost-effectively. A flying start, because we have already laid the foundation.

From practice

Our developed food software solutions are realized from practice. You'll benefit from the lessons learned.


Logistic movements between producers, distributors and customers have been arranged with digital coupons.



Manage your delivery times, locations, linked product, customer information and delivery validation. 


Secure payment

Payment forms such as iDeal, credit card, bank transfer, SEPA debit or PayPal are not a problem for us.


We have built a stable link with Reeleeze for administration. Of course there are more possibilities.



Every project is tailor-made to provide management solutions that help you and help you further.

The moment of:


With the start of our Local2Local adventure we set high standards for our brand and we were looking for an online solution. No tool met our requirements. Amped devised a concrete custom application that exceeded our expectations. We are now able to start online campaigns, arrange logistically digitally and determine our assortment. Our sales are directly linked to our accounting. We have got a top product that works efficiently and efficiently for us!

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