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Our wonderful online course platform offers special ease and learning pleasure for course participants. It also has comprehensive management for course supervisors and program managers. This without sacrificing function or ease of use on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Study on the go, on the train or just home on the couch.

Our course platform has become the example of how to quickly and accurately implement innovative solutions. Content directors easily compile programs and students can instantly get started on any device of your choice. The reactions are overwhelming.


Our Course platform solution has the necessary technical basic functions to start directly with your project. This enables us to realize your desired customized solutions even more cost-effectively. A flying start, because we have already laid the foundation.


Easily place and organize your program content in a snap as a content director. 

Slim and simple

Manage your news, curios, sales barometers, drag & drop formats, video, image, text, question, and more!

Your team

You are part of a permanent team that realizes your project, resulting in quality and efficiency.

Responsive templates

We make templates that are visible on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Massive traffic

Our course solutions are ready for thousands of simultaneous users.

From practice

Our solutions are derived from live environments so you benefit from the lessons learned and the continued development.

The moment of:


Amped has developed a new powerful course platform (WIZR) for its customers from the mobile-first idea; All technology has been developed from the perspective of the mobile user learning on his or her smartphone. Through WIZR, our content directors are able to easily build full online programs. The perfect solution that fits our needs.

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