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The time of complex contracts and unilateral dependence is almost over. Common goals, cooperation and helping each other to be successful, that's what it's all about!

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You are stronger together

We can customize our full all-in-one crowdfunding platform thematically. A crowdfunding platform that visible by default on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, without submitting to content readability or usability of the design.


Our Crowdfunding solution has the necessary technical basic functions to start directly with your project. This enables us to realize your desired customized solutions even more cost-effectively. A flying start, because we have already laid the foundation.

Adjustable goals

Manage the goals for ongoing crowdfund projects and determine the business rules for your platform.


Easy management

With a few presses on the button you manage your crowdfunding website. Simple and easy!

Multiple projects

Whether you want to crowdfund one or more projects, it doesn't matter. We can handle it.

Google optimized

Our CMS and templates ensure optimum communication with Google and optimize its SEO.

Secure payment

Payment forms such as iDeal, credit card, bank transfer, SEPA debit or PayPal are not a problem for us.



Every project is tailor-made to provide management solutions that help you and help you further.

The moment of:

We are convinced that access to affordable legal assistance will continue to decrease, and the platform was considered. (Case law now!) will enable anyone to launch a new crowdfunding campaign that will allow you to launch a lawsuit together. Amped designed the brand and realized a customized application that made this possible. Good job!

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