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A new platform that focuses on research and project management around the value and reuse of waste streams within industrial estates.

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Your business opportunities

There are many opportunities hidden in the way you do business. Some of your business processes (that still cost money) can be worth money. The approach of this new platform provides both financial results as savings and new revenue. It also leads to more cooperation, connectivity and environmental benefits within your business area based on circularity and durability.


Our Circular solution has the necessary technical basic functions to start directly with your project. This enables us to realize your desired customized solutions even more cost-effectively. A flying start, because we have already laid the foundation.

Go circular

The circular marketplace for the exchange of residual flows.


Direct insights into available residual flows within industrial estates and possible savings.

Easy management

With a few presses of the button you exchange residual flows on your company information.


Get started right away on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Quality and continuity

We are continuously working with a multidisciplinary team to preserve and maintain quality.

From practice

Our solutions have come from practice and you'll benefit from the lessons learned and further development.

The moment of:


We started our joint journey with Superuse Studios and the Guangdong Association of circular economy in China to develop the PulsApp application. PulsApp aims to monitor industrial flows and support the exchange of resources and excess flows for the Zhaoqing Hi-tech industrial park. PulsApp will be developed by us (Amped) in the Netherlands. Pulsapp wil be applicable to any industrial zone seriously working towards creating more value with current resource-flows. The proud signing and exchange of contracts took place during the Dutch trade mission on 11 april 2018 to Guangzhou in attendance of Prime Minister Rutte and Secretary of State Van Veldhoven and the Secretary General of the Guangdong province. We're proud! 

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