Smart and solid applications for your ambition(s).


We have developed various applications for smart, business-critical and commercial applications.This enables us to design and realize tailor-made solutions cost-effectively at a rapid pace.


We design solutions directly in clickable responsive prototypes. This encourages involvement, offers much more insight through the useful user experience, and guarantees an optimal delivery of the end result.


We build our solutions (mainly) in the open source object-oriented programming language Python. This programming language forms an important link for achieving sustainable changes.

Which application suits the start of your challenge?

We have bundled our experiences in various applications that have the necessary basic needs. Together we investigate which application suits best for the start of your sustainable development needs, which we enrich together with tailor-made solutions. If you are looking for a customized application feel free to contact us.

Our expertise

We like (and prefer) programming in Python, Django, open source software, Agile works and flexible methodologies. We also have knowledge of Linux, Nginx, NativeScript, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Docker, Vagrant, Elasticsearch, Ansible, New Relic, Unity3D and jQuery.





Strong result

The road to a strong end result starts with understanding your sustainable change ambition. Together we determine goals, we design your ideas and we build a suitable digital ecosystem that does what it has to do. In this way we form a solid foundation so that you can go further, and reliably, to continue your journey.


Continue your journey with a strong brand.

Are you looking for a application that rocks!?

Please e-mail Jan-Eric Kwak for more information.

Our starting point is always your story.From there we map out our joint journey in order to build the most relevant solution. We help innovate and grow by combining your passion and knowledge and go for digital solutions that create a positive impact. We work with self-organizing (scrum) teams that you are part of.


Graphic expressions are also needed for the coherence and strengthening of your identity, brand and products. Because we like to work from total concepts, we are happy to help you on your way.


We design clear communication that supports your recognizability with the aim of creating a strong identity, building brand value and supporting marketing activities.

Some examples

We designed these brands and are responsible for the brand strategy.