We have realised our personal sustainable ideas with Local2Local, Coffee Burundi and Streekmolen.

For the love of food!

We like to invest our time in building sustainable solutions that shorten the chain. Because we have several good ideas and believe in honest and healthy food we started Local2Local, Coffee Burundi and Streekmolen.


Local2Local restores the relationship between the farmers, customers and consumers with their own, transparent food chain. This helps us to restore our ecosystem, stimulate the local economy and help you maintain crafts.

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Coffee Burundi

If you buy Coffee Burundi, either as a consumer or as a business customer, you will receive a delicious coffee and  also contribute to better local living conditions in Burundi. We contribute by selling our delicious Coffee Burundi. 

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Streekmolen is a good widening of our short-chain activities. With fair sharing across farmers, transport and consumers. We are contributing to the diversity in our country, for fair and healthy "from ground to mouth".

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Stimulate your senses

We organize various food events, tastings and online applications. They all arise through cross-pollination and are aimed to stimulate your senses. In this way we offer the opportunity to experience what our various food companies are about.


In December 2013 we launched a daily farmers market in the Radboud quarter at Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht.

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Egg and chicken

Egg and Chicken makes the eggs chain transparent by allowing consumers to trace the purchased eggs.

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Herenboeren is a mixed small-scale agricultural company that consists of participating citizens (households).

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We have organized this full two-day pop-up food event in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for the love of local food.

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Sustainable food solutions

Over the last eight years we have realized, with our food activities, cooperatives, a variety of consultancy, new brands, door to door crates, food festivals, stakeholder networks, communities and we are at the base of several successful companies. With our food activities, we have grown into one of the leading partners in Europe around sustainable chain innovation.

Building on experience

In the realization of sustainable short-chain food activities, we can help you with our experience and tools in organization, logistics, food safety, food processing, Python web applications, websites, new earnings models, marketing plans, social media deployment, brand development, design and content productions. We provide support based on our developed solutions, proven best practices and our large business network, which enables us to grow rapidly together.

Can i help you with an innovative food solution?

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