We're here for startups, entrepreneurs, organizations and companies who want to make the difference and focus on growth with a new perspective.


Collaboration creates new insights into systems and models on social, economic, ecological and technical issues.


We realize solutions based on knowledge and (proven) best practices where new earnings models and transparency are leading.


We invent, design and develop impactful Python web applications that lead to sustainable, accessible and scalable solutions that matter.

About Amped

From experience, knowledge and enthusiasm we realize webapplications that make us and our clients happy. We love challenges, issues about sustainability and ideas that seem impossible at first. We gain and give a lot of energy by doing this! Therefore our name, Amped, urban for excited and fired up, explains exactly what we stand for. We work for various clients and are the proud owner of a couple of food-related start-ups. Contact Jan-Eric or Mark for inquiries, we love to work with joint goals. 

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