We are here for entrepreneurs who want to make the difference.


By looking critically at existing systems, new models emerge that provide answers to the bottlenecks in economy, society and ecology challenges.


We operate from complementary networks, knowledge, data, IT and connect proven revenue models based on best practices to achieve results.


We develop new fresh ideas, feasible strategies and smart technology for accessible sustainable products and services that are scalable.

Experience, knowledge and inspiration

We consist of a mix of experienced people who bring fresh ideas, feasible strategies and smart technology together with a focus on sustainability. We use our knowledge for meaningful IT and Food projects and are the founders of various companies, initiatives and movements. We love challenges, sustainability issues and ideas that seem impossible at first. We have a lot of energy for that and we get a lot of energy! Our name Amped, urban slang for excited and fired up, therefore expresses exactly what we stand for.



Maarten Klop

Lucie Jeandrain

Tijmen Kloostra

Ian Rinkes

Maria Fritz

Sarah Nolan

Bob Massar

Matthias Pronk


Inspiring work and meeting place

We are located at Fort bij 't Hemeltje, an inspiring work and meeting place that fully complies with circular prinicpes and knowledge-intensive companies. We work daily in a green oasis in urban areas, something to be proud of. The complex has seven monumental buildings on a butterfly-shaped island of about eight hectares. It was built between 1877 and 1881 and is part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie.


Talented young people

We believe in talented young people because they make a meaningful contribution.That is why we offer internships throughout the year for HBO students and university students.Our students get a podium with us and the opportunity to actively work (and think!) On issues about the future, research and the search for new sustainable business models.We consciously say our students because they are part of our companies during this period.We are extremely proud of the few hundred clever heads we have been able to guide and the insights they have given us.

Can we help you today by making the difference?

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