We believe that by working together and looking at systems differently, models emerge that can answer many social, economic and ecological challenges.

Collaboration vs competition

AMPED doesn’t focus on the traditional sense of competition in the agri-food and SFSC-market, but rather on organising collaboration and co-creation, by working together on a shared ambition with cross-sectoral stakeholders in healthcare, (semi-)government, education. This creates opportunities for new, valuable products and (ecosystem) services, to be upscaled parallel to the regular sales activities in the traditional marketplace.

Talented young people

We believe in young people, because they will carry the torch building new food systems.That is why we offer internships and research positions throughout the year for applied sciences and university students. Our thriving student communities get the opportunity to actively work on issues regarding the food transition and new sustainable business models. We are extremely proud of having guided and worked with more than 800 talents from a diverse range of disciplines. Go to talents.local2local.nl and Grounded Community to learn more.

Inspiring work and meeting place

We are located at Fort bij 't Hemeltje, an inspiring work and meeting place that fully complies with circular prinicpes and knowledge-intensive companies. The complex has seven monumental buildings on a butterfly-shaped island of about eight hectares. It was built between 1877 and 1881 and is part of the New Dutch Waterline (Unesco heritage site).


AMPED believes in entrepreneurship, but also the next generation of enterprising people. Our young team shares our ambitions in the food transition. Their passion, drive and insights help AMPED achieve real impact.


Maarten Klop

Lucie Jeandrain

Tijmen Kloostra

Ian Rinkes

Maria Fritz

Sarah Nolan

Bob Massar

Matthias Pronk


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