A breeding ground for sustainability, the circular economy, food chains and IT.


By looking critically at existing systems, new models emerge that provide answers to the bottlenecks in economy, society and ecology challenges.


We operate from complementary networks, knowledge, data, IT and connect proven revenue models based on best practices to achieve results.


We develop new fresh ideas, feasible strategies and smart technology for accessible sustainable products and services that are scalable.


We are experienced and driven people with different disciplines. We use our complementary knowledge for meaningful projects in IT, Food and are involved in various sustainable movements in the Netherlands and Europe.

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Create new value by involving us in an early stage of your sustainable idea implementation or problem, that's when we are at our best! We are experienced consultants and a reliable knowledge partner.

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We offer valuable insights and meaningful total solutions that have a positive impact on business operations, sustainability, platforms, digital ecosystems, chain intervention, food and the circular economy.

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We develop user-friendly smart applications, digital ecosystems and platforms with a strong focus on user experience. Our know-how, market knowledge and experienced programmers ensure a strong combination.

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We distinguish two forms of value creation: economic and social. Our assignments fall in both camps with focus on this symbiosis and long term conditions. That is where the most dynamic opportunities and challenges are.

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Because we believe in sustainable solutions that lead to the shortening of chains (and honest and healthy eating) we have started Local2Local, Streekmolen and Coffee Burundi. We are sustainable entrepreneurs and love to help you!

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We work with passionate people who have a clear mission and a sustainable agenda. Therefore we invest our time in meaningful startups and projects. Feel free to contact us when you are interested to find out how we can help you.